Introducing Recognizer TM

Download the latest release: version 0.2a

July 14, 2005
Recognizer TM detects and flags possibly plagarized work in Internet posts.
It is just a new, baby program, and can barely sit up, let alone walk!
It currently detects any posts to comment threads in blogs based on Movable Type
that appear in AltaVista (other than on the site the comment appears in).
Yes, this means it currently mostly matchs cliches, urls, and things
like that, but it is only going to get better. Recognizer TM is licensed
under the GPL, the GNU General Public License, and is hence free for you to copy,
pass around or modify. We'll have a bigger website at SourceForge for it soon.

Why AltaVista???

Before you ask "why altavista?" let me answer: because google and yahoo
limit how many searchs you can do (per minute, hour and day), and
dogpile gives too many hits (you can't search precisely in it).
Don't worry, we'll add new engines!

And other features, like noticing and pointing out various things
about the web page your are looking at that you've 'sicced' your Recognizer TM on.
It should also work on any other site that has it's content stuffed into html paragraph tags.

To Install Recognizer TM:

You need to be using
Firefox with the latest Greasemonkey Plugin to install and run it.
Your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) shouldn't matter so long as you are using Firefox.
  1. After you've got Greasemonkey installed in your Firefox (and have of course, arg, restarted Firefox) click on the link for the latest release.
  2. Then click on Tools --> Install User Script
  3. Click Ok to approve the URLs that the script will be applied to.
  4. Click Ok
  5. Refresh or visit any MT Comment threads, and have fun surfing with plagarism detection!

To add, edit or remove URLs that it will process:

  1. Click Tools --> Manage User Scripts in Firefox.
  2. Select Recognizer in the left hand pane of the window that pops up
  3. Add, Edit or Remove url patterns that the Recognizer processes with the buttons in the window
  4. Click Ok
It currently defaults to popup comment windows on Movable Type blogs, more to come later! And feel free to email us any link URL patterns that it works with, or additional pattern/feature requests at with the word 'recognizer' in the subject line, or post in our project's forums, and we'll add them to the next release, as our copious free time (HA! :-) allows.

To Upgrade to a newer Recognizer version:

To temporarily disable the Recognizer:

  1. Click Tools --> Manage User Scripts
  2. Click on Recognizer in the left hand pane
  3. Uncheck the Enabled checkbox underneath the list of scripts
  4. Click Ok

To Un-install Recognizer TM

  1. Click Tools --> Manage User Scripts
  2. Click on Recognizer in the left hand pane
  3. Click on Uninstall
Download the latest release: version 0.2a July 14, 2005 Logo
Copyright 2005, David Mercer